Tips To Help Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

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You know every inch of your home and have loved it dearly since day one. Whether it was the very first house you purchased, the home you grew up in or the home you watched your own family grow up in, when it comes time to listing your home, it’s also time to make it stand out from the rest.

Here are a few simple tips to catch buyer interest quickly and showcase why your home’s new owner is going to love it just as much as you have.


  1. Curb Appeal

Whether potential buyers are scouting neighbourhoods themselves or are attending an open home with a Realtor®, the first impression that they receive is going to be the most important – and potentially the longest lasting.

From a neatly mowed lawn, a well-maintained garden, or a clean and tidy entranceway, you want the first visual that they see to spark immediate interest. Add some potted plants, give the front door a fresh new coat of paint and clear the driveway of anything that has taken up permanent residence which really doesn’t need to.


  1. Initial Senses

As soon as someone enters your home, think about their senses. What are they seeing, what are they hearing and what are they smelling? Add a candle or some fresh flowers for a welcoming fragrance, or simply make sure your windows are open so that there is fresh air moving through.

If your home is smaller, mirrors are a fantastic way to make the eye see further and expand and area. Add a hallway mirror to open up the first space a buyer will see or add nice lighting to any entranceways that might be blocked from having more natural light sources. Let their first impressions be bright, airy and fresh feeling.


  1. Less is More

Going through each room of your home and decluttering various spaces is going to not only help your home seem much larger but it’s also going to make the home feel cleaner.

Removing excess pillows from the couch, freeing up kitchen counter space or removing unnecessary items off tabletops or from bathrooms are all small ways you can achieve a tidier look and feel. Remember that you’re selling the home, not what’s in it.

The same goes for the outdoors too. Remove any clutter from patios or back yards – sports gear, gardening equipment, shoes or even rubbish. Have any lawns freshly mowed, any pools cleaned and sparkling, and any patio/balcony furniture wiped down. Make your outdoor space look and feel like a sanctuary where prospective owners can visualise themselves spending time during the warmer months or relaxing with a coffee in the mornings.


  1. Home Repairs

There may be a few aesthetic touch-ups that can be made around your home, that you can DIY yourself. From a small repaint, cleaning your tiling grout, a faucet replacement or even updating lighting fixtures.

If you are thinking of repainting any spaces or rooms, neutral colours are a great idea because they keep an area feeling open and like a fresh slate for a new owner to decorate.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and take a walkthrough of your home and note down anything you spot that they might also. Make a list and tick off the bits you can update and any that you might like to organize a contractor to help with, if you think it will be beneficial to your sale.

This might also be an area to consider some furniture rearrangement if you think that by freeing up some walking space or removing an item blocking a window might give someone new to your home a more spacious feeling.


  1. Pets

Some buyers might not be as keen on pets as your family and perhaps even less so with pet hair. Make sure to do a thorough clean and vacuum to remove as much pet hair as possible before any home showings.

If you’re not going to be home during the showing, it’s a good idea to take your pet with you, and if you are, perhaps ask a neighbour or friend to watch them for the time period if possible.


Your home is your stage to set the way you feel it will be best presented. Your Realtor® will most certainly be able to give you advice when it comes to certain spaces or décor so don’t be afraid to ask them for suggestions.

Our market-leading agents have assisted with the sale of many homes and are confident sharing strategies to help showcase yours to a wide market, and help you get top dollar.