Critical Points To Consider When Selling Your Home

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As you gear up to sell your home, an overflow of information and advice from all directions can become overwhelming. Selling your home should feel like rocket science if you follow the fundamentals. There are three critical factors and essential tips to focus on when selling your home that may even bring you a better offer during closing:


Preparing Your Home

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything! And the first thing buyers notice is the lawn leading up to your property. So start at the curb – take a good look at your outdoor aesthetics to make sure your front yard looks well-cared for. Hire a landscaper to spruce up your yard and don’t forget to clean the roof and gutters too!


Next, move indoors. Staging helps buyers visualize the flow of your home so start by de-cluttering and de-personalizing your space. The idea is to ensure buyers can see themselves living here so start by making things look more neutral, spacious, and inviting:

  • Replacing family photos and personal effects with neutral artwork or paintings.
  • Remove old or damaged furniture
  • De-clutter and empty out your closets and cabinets. Storage is an important factor for buyers so ensure these spaces are clean/empty.
  • Freshen up your walls with a coat of neutral and consistent color scheme that is uniform across your home. 


A satisfactory home inspection report from a certified home inspector is helpful for your buyers. Focus on the repairs and upgrades that will improve this report. You may not need to do a full-blown remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom, but minimal and necessary repairs and upgrades can go a long way. Prioritize red-flag items such as water leaks, old appliances, and roofing. 


Pricing Your Home

Get an accurate and realistic idea of what you can sell a home for in your area. Your real estate agent can help you understand your property’s valuation. 

Timing is also an important factor in determining the pricing of your home. Spring is typically the best time to sell a home as most home buyers are looking to move during the summer months. This is also when the weather is conducive to making repairs to the home and cur. Most sellers get their home market-ready by March or April. 


Photographing Your Home

Great photos sell homes! Today, 90+% of buyers look for homes online. Invest in a good professional property photographer to ensure your home looks its absolute best. Some high-level marketing and professional photography of your home is a great way to attract multiple offers. A professional photographer will know how to make your rooms look spacious and motivate potential buyers to look at the rest of the photos.


Looking for your own Havn? 

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