Upgrade Before Your Sell: DIY Improvements to Increase Home Value

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Getting ready to make the big sale? It’s time to prep the house to get it market-ready. The prospect of repairs, updates, and fixtures may seem daunting, but these easy DIY home improvement measures could net you a better price tag at closing time. Putting some time into a few repairs can yield big returns on closing day. Here’s a look at some of the best inexpensive measures.

Painting For a Fresh Look

The last thing you want your buyers to see is faded, cracked, or peeling paint on the doors. First impressions are usually lasting, so an easy, low-cost improvement you can incorporate into your home is a paint job. Even a simple coat of neutral paint can give the entire house a facelift. Depending on the lighting and the colour of cabinets and flooring, some go-to neutral options are:

Kitchen – Warm gray or a classic white

Livingroom – White still holds tried-and-true

Bedroom – Soft taupe 

Bathroom – Pale blues

Most buyers love to see a fresh blank canvas. For DIY, all you need is a handy paintbrush and a five-gallon bucket of neutral paint color (often more cost-effective than buying by the gallon).

Landscaping for Curb Appeal

The first impression a buyer gets is the outer side of the house, and the front yard is hard to ignore especially if it’s patchy or unkempt. The first thing that makes a big difference for quick DIY landscaping results is cutting down anything overgrown. Tallgrass and weeds can be easily removed and give your lawn a refreshed appearance. To add more greenery, consider re-sodding or planting grass seed. 

Another go-to move for defining yard space is incorporating edging with pebbles or small stones of fairly similar proportions. Tuck in a few newly planted shrubs and seasonal flowers, and voila! A quick spruced-up yard that’s easy on the eyes. 

Let There Be Light

Lighting fixtures can breathe new light (quite literally) into your space. Some well-placed additions or simple replacing of old, dull fixtures throughout a house can be a simple update for a small investment. They make a big impact on the look and feel of the home and come in endless options of chandeliers, pendant lighting, ceiling fixtures, and more. 

The key is to complement the colors of the fixtures with your home’s hardware. Metals, coppers, and bronzes mix well, whereas gold and silver do not. It’s important to incorporate the right fixtures in the right spaces, such as slim pendant lights for narrow areas or wider and bigger rattan-wicker pendant lights for the dining space. Wherever wires are concerned, make sure you reach out to a professional electrician to help.

Bathroom and Flooring Upgrades

A mid-range bathroom remodels with minimal upgrades can also yield better returns on your home value. New fixtures for the sinks and tubs, minimalist refurbishing or repainting of cabinets in simple, neutral colours are easy to incorporate. Reglazing the tub will always be cheaper than installing a brand new one. Consider cleaning or freshening the grout lines on tiles. 

If a flooring upgrade isn’t in the budget, then simply having your carpeting and hardwoods professionally cleaned can make a world of difference. Easy touch-ups on some of the worn-out parts of the hardwoods can be done with water-based stain to make them less noticeable. And when in doubt, seek the charm of a nice throw rug to bring the room together!

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