Curb Appeal: Home Exterior Renovations That Boost Value

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Maximizing your curb’s attributes and curating the front yard helps elevate the street-side view from your home. In addition to improving the value of your property, landscaping for curb appeal helps minimize the obvious problem areas of your yard. The process of transforming your yard into an attractive space doesn’t have to be difficult, daunting, or expensive. Here are some DIY options that don’t break the bank:

Matching Yard Style with the House 

For aesthetic reasons, it helps to match the design style of your yard to your house. Renovating the exteriors of your country home or farmhouse? Think of a more cottage-style landscape. Considering a minimalist garden? This would be an ideal match for buildings with modern architecture. While most people would pay attention to the size and shape of the lawn, or the slope/incline, it’s important to consider the design and architecture of the very home they’re creating gardens around. 

Consider the Size of Plants

The key to making an impact with plants is proportions. For bigger and taller homes with flat yard space, a variety of small flowers may not maximize the appearance of the yard. Instead, lining a path with medium-sized plants or a row of mid-size shrubs would better complement the shape and size of the house. This type of repetition or grouping of plants helps make an impact and draws the eye straight to the house.   

Consider Hardscape Elements

Hardscaping is like adding a spotlight to your yard. Using secondary hardscape elements like a bench, a garden space lined with unique stones, or a deep sidewalk can help improve curb appeal. These options can make the yard look visually wide, and even accent the flower beds to anchor your overall design. A nice wooden, or anti-rust coated bench also adds to the appeal and can become a place for the gathering of shrubs and perennials. 

From the Walkway to the Front Door 

Walking towards the front door of your home should be a calming and pleasing experience. Consider this a rite of passage! The transition from the walkway to the front door should be as natural and intuitive as possible without jarring design or gardening elements along the way. You can simplify this by placing distinct elements like placing taller plants by the door or creating a simple yet elegant bend in the walkway (while keeping the doorway still in sight).

Colors Can Talk

A trusty paint job can help boost the curb appeal of your home at one glance. The color of your house should also be a consideration when you’re choosing plants for your front yard. For example, a pop of multicolored flowers works well when lining a solid white, beige or pastel shade wall. 

Consider Different Seasons

In your design plan, include structural elements that suit all seasons, such as trees, shrubs, textures with bricks, stone veneer, or accent walls. The best curb appeal ideas include materials that look good come rain, snow, or shine. 

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