Why Summer is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

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Aesthetically Pleasing

You’ve heard the term curb appeal, and during the sunnier months this is your chance to really show off your home in quite literally, the best light!

During spring your gardens would have bloomed with new growth and colour while your grass would have turned from dry to luscious green. You may have had time to give your home’s interior (and/or exterior) a spruce up with renovations to the front entranceway (think first impressions!), a new paint colour for the kitchen (neutrals are a great way for potential buyers to envision themselves and their belongings there while also making your spaces seem larger), while also undergoing a de-clutter to also keep your spaces looking clean and spacious.

Then when summer comes along, and buyers start to come for viewings, they’ll find a closer connection to certain features, they’ll fall in love with the living room or patio that floods with afternoon sunlight, and they’ll get a better sense of what life would be like as the new owners of your home.

Always remember that landscaping and an aesthetically pleasing home will add value to your property, and it doesn’t hurt that your entire neighbourhood will seem more welcoming also, with full trees lining the street, neighbours out walking their dogs or café patios busy with social customers.


School Holidays

For buyers who are not planning an international getaway with the family during the holidays, summer is a busy season for those searching to make a purchase and plan their move.

For starters, those with children are less inclined to uproot them during the middle of the school year, especially if they’re planning to relocate to a new area. It gives them time as a family to also settle in and have their children familiar with the area before the first term – and maybe even meet some friends beforehand!

It’s also a nice time for buyers to make the house-hunting process a family affair – bringing everyone along to the viewing and getting their thoughts or feelings on certain homes or neighbourhoods. It’s a great time for those searching for homes to see parks filled with other local families, kids playing sports at the park on weekends, and what other amenities will be nearby.

For buyers with older children who are off to college or have decided to move in with friends, this also makes it a great time for them to start out on a search for a home that will suit their downsizing needs.



Living in Canada we’re blessed with very distinct seasons, and winter is definitely one that can put a few of our regular activities on hold.

As mentioned before with renovations helping to add value, winter can be a time that limits the amount of work you can do on and around your home. When spring rolls around, this is a great time to get out and fix those window seals, add a new coat of paint to your home’s exterior or check on how your roofing and gutters survived those cold temperature months.

Summer also means that your viewings will be much more accessible to potential buyers – reducing any hassles of snow or rain for parking or walking around the outside and again, making everything much more appealing to the eye!

Additionally, at this time of year we get to enjoy more daylight, which is a great bonus because it lets you hold viewings later in the afternoon if you wish, giving you and potential buyers more flexibility around work hours or other weekend commitments.

Let’s not forget that having a beautiful sunny day inspires outdoor activities in and around a home, which also comes across to buyers considering your property. For example, a buyer could see how your backyard would look for BBQ season and see themselves standing at the grill with your view, how much space the yard has for their children to kick a ball or set up a swing set, and if your home has a pool, what better time to see it looking its most sparkly and inviting!


Current Listings

Currently, the property market is experiencing a bounce-back in sales activity, however, the current number of listings available is below historical norms.

With curious and active buyers searching for their dream home, and with summer being a prime time for moving, your home might just be the perfect havn for someone who is currently keeping their eyes peeled on new listings in your area.


Good for a seller, good for a buyer!

If you’re looking to sell but also looking to find your next home, you also get to reap the benefits of being able to start your search in the warmer months.

You’ll have your chance to homes on a sunny day, take in the vibrant gardens and back yard absent of snow or fog, while scouting out the neighbourhood for your new local coffee shop or supermarket.

If you’re considering selling, but don’t quite know the best steps to take, don’t forget that our team of market-leading Realtors® are always ready and willing to talk you through what your individual home selling journey will look like.

We’re no strangers to your area, nor to the changing market, we’ll sit with you and answer any questions you have so that you feel 100% confident with the steps and on the fast track to finding your new sanctuary.