Creating Space: Home Office That Works For You

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A makeshift ‘home office’ has perhaps become the most used nook in most homes, especially since the onset of the pandemic. A growing number of homeowners have started to seek detached homes simply to accommodate a dedicated space for work. Whether you have an entire room for work or merely utilize a corner of the kitchen table, a workspace has become a staple in most homes.

Elevating your home workspace can help you feel more productive, more organized, and even relaxed. A visually appealing space has the power to truly keep you in the zone.

Minimalist Space Without Clutter

Declutter the space surrounding your work desk. Keep everyday essentials within arms reach and park away the rest in a storage space or a shelf close to your workspace. There are small steps you can take to minimize the clutter on your desk like adding small shelves or hooks under the desk to hold miscellaneous items. Manage the space around your desk with a cable organizer to neatly tuck all the plugs and wires, and promote a seamless tech setup. Your home office doesn’t need to mimic the corporate environment. 

An aesthetically pleasing nook with a simple desk and a comfortable chair with an armrest is all you need to bring in the focus. Bonus points if the nook is by a window for adequate sunlight! 

Designate A Fixed Area For Work

Commit to your space. Whether it’s the end of a corridor, a portion of a large wardrobe, just outside the pantry, or even a part of your bedroom – dedicating a space just for work is important. A light partition by a screen, curtain, or shelving can help reduce distraction and ensure you stay in your routine. 

Even a small room can be modified to accommodate distinct areas for different purposes. Does your workspace visually feel small? Smart use of colour can help increase the length of an apartment.

Form and functionality

While the primary elements in an office space are a desk and chair, you can take charge of arranging the positioning. Depending on the nature of your work, you may choose to face the wall to zero in your focus on the task at hand, or you may arrange the desk to face the whole room and encourage conversations. 

Some factors that increase the functionality of your workspace are:

  • Functional furniture – consider foldable models or pull-out units for smaller spaces.
  • Size of technology – depending on your nature of work, laptops may be better suited over PCs in smaller workspaces.
  • Bigger rooms – High-quality furniture made from natural materials last longer and elevates the design aesthetic of the room. 

Using Natural Materials

Natural materials help create coziness in the room. In addition to potted plants, consider sprucing up the area around the desk with walls of green shades and furniture made of natural oak.

This type of relaxed, comfortable atmosphere allows you to stay in place for long hours. Also, consider a seating area with a softer chair for when you need to take a break or relax with your family for a while. 

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