Kristen Dillon

Associate Realtor


About Kristen

Originally working with Dana as a graphic designer and marketing specialist, Kristen was drawn naturally to real estate after embarking on the purchase of her first home. “I was obsessed with staying on top of listings and learning the pros and cons of each neighbourhood and complex,” she says. “I didn’t realize all of that was actually laying the groundwork for my future. And working with Dana meant I was also learning from a top producer and an incredible mentor.”

A born-and-raised BC girl, Kristen has lived throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, in Vancouver, and even ran her family’s 40-acre hay farm for a few years. Since 2011, however she’s been happily based out of Squamish.

“I’m in love with Squamish and I’ve always wanted to live here” she says. “Mountains and ocean all in one place! And there’s just such a youthful, small-town vibe but we are still so close to Whistler and Vancouver. I love watching the pieces all click as a client falls in love with Squamish and realizes that this next home might be forever.”

A believer in putting people first, Kristen specializes in family homes, pre-sales, and first-time buyers. She also loves fitness (a Canadian national weightlifting record holder), typography, movies and her eight-year-old firecracker (son) Henry.