Top 5: Paint Tips from the Experts

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Thinking of painting some walls? Perhaps adding colour to your doors or sidings? Or maybe it’s time to add a new coat to your home’s exterior?

Since we’re your real estate experts and unfortunately not your paint experts, we thought it was only right to reach out to those truly with the paint know-how to get you the scoop on what’s hot, what paints are kind on your nose and which ones are handy to have if you have children who like to practice their wall art…

If you’re in the market for a spruce up, and paint is on the list, take a read of what your local experts suggest before picking up that brush…


Benjamin More | East Vancouver

When it comes to the rooms in our home, many of us like to keep areas bright and open, sometimes with a feature wall ready to greet us. Bright rooms help spaces to feel larger and give off a nice, fresh feeling also.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, some of the most popular selections at Benjamin Moore in East Vancouver come from their Off White Collection. If you’re looking for a neutral colour, that’s not plain Jane white (if that’s not a colour name, it should be), the team at Benjamin Moore suggest the following…

  • Oxford White
  • Classic Grey
  • Edgecomb Grey
  • Dove White
  • Cloud White


If you already have clean, white-based walls and like the idea of adding a pop of colour or a subtle contrast, the Benjamin Colour of the year for 2022 is October Mist. A gentle shade of sage, this colour isn’t imposing. It’s a creamy, calm and collected green tone. Take a peek at some images of where it’s been used here and see if might be nice in your home.

In addition to October Mist, some favourites of ours that we’ve picked from the Benjamin Moore 2022 Colour Trends Palette include Mysterious – a compelling dark grey-blue, Venetian Poritco – a lush, earthy neutral that evokes a sun-baked clay vibe, and Wild Flower – for those looking to add a dusting of pink that comes with a pop.

Click here to see how adding a dollop of these colours to your home could turn out…


Dulux | North Vancouver

Andres from the North Vancouver branch gave us a great suggestion to consider using their Lifemaster line of paints to use for any project you’re looking at inside your home.

With very little scent so they’re nice on the nose, as well as being a great option for wiping clean easily, this line would be great on anything from doors to walls as well as the bathroom.

With all Dulux paints, you can add tint to deepen any colour you like, however, Andres recommends adjusting the sheen of your paint to suit the area or room that you are planning to refresh. For example, doors and trim would welcome a semi-gloss, areas with high moisture are also great to have a drop of gloss, and with walls, it’s your choice! You can either opt for a sheen or more of a flat colour to your finish.


Sherwyn Williams | Whistler

For our Whistler locals, Katelyn from Sherwyn Williams in Function Junction, shared that Shell White and Snowbound are two colour choices that have both been very popular. Both are shades of white, both add lightness, and both giving off subtle warm undertones to mix those white feels up a bit.

With Summer around the corner, some of us might be considering a touch-up to our home’s exterior. Iron Ore has been quite a common pick here lately – a darker feel that certainly looks more grey, but borders on a shade of black. For sidings, Katelyn recommends a lighter grey shade to blend in, with Dorian Gray fitting the bill for that quite nicely.


Home Depot | Squamish & West Vancouver

It seems white is popular with customers at The Home Depot also, with lighter shades remaining a favourite year-round. The representative we spoke to at the Squamish store suggested Polar Bear as a popular option, with a warm, off-white feel.

The Home Depot at The Village, Park Royal, gave us a hot tip that if you look on the Behr Consumer website, you can get a great overview of all the colours available exclusively at The Home Depot. This site has a great section focused completely on inspiration, where you can choose colours by any room of your house. For example, if you have a baby on the way and you’re looking for inspiration for a children’s room, some popular colours include Cupcake Pink, Bluebird, Wishful Green and Smiley Face. Which child isn’t going to love having one of those!

This is a fantastic site that also provides educational tips and resources such as paint how-to’s, paint sheens, wood stains, floor coatings and reviews.

You can also check out their 2022 colour trends here if you’re looking to enhance your home with the most modern hue. The representative at Squamish suggested Breezeway – a soft seaglass green that’s currently trending.


Rona | Pemberton

Warmer weather means entertaining around the home, and if you have a wooden deck that needs staining, the Pemberton Rona have 60 different colour tints that they can add to their Arborcoat Water-based stain. A popular choice of stain to offer protection against the elements but also enhance any texture and grain of your wooden surfaces. Click here for Rona’s DIY tips on how to paint or stain a wooden deck.

In Vancouver as well as along the sea to sky, our homes become a part of their natural surroundings. Choosing an exterior paint colour that will look fresh while keeping harmonious isn’t as tricky as you might think, with many colours offering complementary shades. Take a look at Sketch Paper, Cotton Flower or Mohair to keep things nice and neutral.

Choosing a colour online at Rona is easy with their SICO colour picker tool. Simply choose the colour you’re interested in, and then select from the many shades that fall under that family. From here you can check out the suggested complimentary colours that would work great on sidings, garage doors or window frames.



‘Tis the season to get painting, and no matter where you look for inspiration, or which paint expert you speak with about colours for your home, there are endless choices to consider. A good tip is having an idea of which colour you’re interested in, for example, a green, blue or a red, and then digging deeper into the various shades of it.

As Andres from Dulux suggested, keep in mind where it is you’re painting – whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or exterior, and make sure your paint is fit for the job.

Happy painting!