Introducing Vancouver REALTOR®: Stella Honjo

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You are one of the few lucky people when you get to grow up in Vancouver, Canada, which offers natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a high quality of life. Stella Honjo, our brand-new licensed agent, grew up all around Greater Vancouver and spent her teenage years in Downtown Vancouver, later settling in the Brentwood area in Burnaby. Being surrounded by nature and beautiful architecture is one of the biggest reasons Stella loves the city.


Cultural Roots 

Having parents who are from Bosnia and Herzegovina meant Stella grew up going back to her parents’ cities every summer. Stella travelled all around America, and various countries in Eastern Europe visiting family in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and then exploring Montenegro and Bulgaria.

Real Estate Beginnings

 Stella’s real estate journey began in 2020 when she was looking to get her foot in the door of the corporate world after leaving school. Stella’s goal is to become a top producer with hard work and not only create but foster long-lasting relationships with her clients by putting people first. With the skillset Stella has acquired from some of the industries over the past three years in addition to the experience that was passed on from her parents who have a real estate, property and residential management background allows Stella to be fully dialed in with her clients.


Top 3 Favourite Local Spots  

Capitol Hill viewpoint at sunset hour is one of Stella’s favourite spots to watch the sunset with the most spectacular view of the mountains, downtown and North Vancouver. People visiting Vancouver for the first time are amazed at how beautiful the views are from here (on a sunny day).  

Commercial Drive in Vancouver is another favourite and is very close to Brentwood where Stella lives with so many things to do and tons of thrift shopping and restaurants. “Miscellany Finds” is a popular thrift store and a favorite among the locals, as you can feel the sense of community when you enter. There are so many interesting collections and knick-knacks throughout. It’s truly a community gem! Stella’s favorite restaurant on the Drive at the moment is Community Taps; their deep-dish Chicago style pizza is delicious as well as their brunch menu! 

Jericho Beach is one of the nicest beaches, rain or shine. Summertime with friends, or solo days to just enjoy the views of Vancouver while reveling in the beauty of the beach hold a special place in Stella’s heart. Rainy days are nice too, as it is beautiful here as well when facing the beach from a parked car while writing music.


Outside of Work

Besides being top-performing agents, Stilhavn’s curated team is also quite multitalented. Stella is a recording artist, and she loves spending time in the studio writing music. You can find her music on any streaming platform by searching “5tella”. Outside of work Stella also loves to travel, taking mini trips and being in nature, balancing her time between Vancouver and Seattle, where her partner lives with their Pitbull, Phantom.


The Future

Connecting with people is something Stella values strongly and she hopes to expand those connections and contribute to the growth of the Stilhavn family, one connection at a time.  
Welcome to the team, Stella!