Introducing Vancouver REALTOR®: Peter Necpal

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Praised for its stunning natural beauty and a plethora of urban attractions and outdoor activities, Vancouver is a perfect playground for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by magnificent mountain backdrops and picturesque lakes and rivers. Many visitors fall in love with the West Coast after their first visit and never look back after they move. That was definitely the case for Peter Necpal – our brand-new addition to the Stilhavn family.  


Toronto to Vancouver 

Originally from Toronto, Peter made a beeline for Vancouver in 2008 having fallen in love with the West Coast while visiting family here previously, and after having completed an undergrad in electrical engineering at McMaster University. Being new to the city, Peter immediately started working in the construction industry on the engineering side. During his work in construction, Peter pursued his MBA from Royal Roads University and was ultimately entrusted with running an engineering team in the Industrial Buildings group at one of Canada’s largest and most well-regarded engineering firms.   


As an outdoor enthusiast, Peter always wanted to live close to the mountains where he could go hiking, skiing or snowboarding, and where he could fly fish for trout – sometimes on the same day. There is nothing quite like Vancouver, where you can do it all. The city’s pedestrian scale means you can walk or ride a bike to most places. It has the most beautiful park in the world, Stanley Park, which is so much more than a park but an escape from city life where you can lose yourself walking or running. In fact, there are so many possibilities for enjoying the fresh air outside, including walking along the False Creek seawall, hiking in the local mountains, enjoying a day at one of many of Vancouver’s beautiful beaches, or taking a boat or paddleboard out on the ocean. And with the Vancouver International Airport just being a short drive away, with its ease in which you can get on a plane after a short drive, get your baggage quickly when you return, Vancouver has everything you need to fill your life full of great experiences. No other city compares.   


Real Estate Beginnings 

For over a decade, Peter informally assisted his partner Cheryl with her real estate business. Having worked with clients throughout his own professional career in construction, being passionate about residential construction and design, and having an “in” in the real estate industry, his transition to the real estate world was easy. Peter has been licensed since October 2022. 

Favourite Neighbourhood 

The Hastings Sunrise community is where Peter lives with his family and they find that not only are most places they go to in the neighborhood walkable, but there is a very strong and supportive sense of community present. Whether it’s block parties, events at the Hastings Community Centre, Playland, Hastings horse racetrack, new Brighton park with beautiful unobstructed views of the north shore mountains and an outdoor pool, or the incredibly easy access to the highway – which will take you anywhere outside of the City you want to go – in Peter’s opinion, the Hastings Sunrise area is unmatched.  


Segue from Engineering to Real Estate  

As an engineer at heart, Peter seeks out opportunities to identify market trends, and the play of economic factors and statistics to explain the influences which play a role in the real estate market. Paired with a strong understanding of the construction process from the early stages of design, Peter‘s focus is on assisting homeowners to maximize their market value and guiding them in their pursuit of redeveloping their properties. 


Career Goals  

Choosing to prioritize real estate over engineering, Peter hopes to still continue to support the Architectural and Engineering communities. “While I someday hope to be ranked among the top realtors in Greater Vancouver, I also want to see the Hill & Harbour Real Estate Group expand in the market, with a team of agents who embody a high level of integrity and professionalism and represent their clients with a commitment to excellence.” 


The Why

For Peter, family is everything. Two incredible healthy and happy kids that are the love of his life are the key to Peter’s success, and the only reward that truly matters.

Why Stilhavn?

Stilhavn agents have consistently represented the best and most professional members of the real estate community. Supported by one of the most respected managing brokers in the area, the brokerage and agents are models for others to follow. “There is no other place that truly prides themselves on setting the bar for the real estate profession, than Stilhavn.”

We couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the Stilhavn family, Peter!