Introducing Stilhavn Real Estate Services

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Relationship-driven. Results-focused. Strategy-led.

As some of you might have heard, early Fall of 2018, a select group of Vancouver’s top performing real estate teams came together under a new real estate brokerage called “Stilhavn Real Estate Services”.

We’re thrilled by the support and excitement generated around Stilhavn, and now that we’ve launched, we’re ready to share more with you.

On that note, let’s dive in:


Why was Stilhavn Real Estate Services Created?

In short, we wanted to assemble a group of like-minded peers committed to raising the standard of real estate in Vancouver in a collaborative, supportive environment.

“Vancouver is beautiful, progressive, yet challenging, all in one. This is an expensive city, and as realtors, we see how that fact affects the lives of our clients daily. We wanted to deliver more value to buyers and sellers with a select group of the city’s top talent, and back them with industry-leading tools, processes, and the insights required to provide unparalleled service to its clientele.” – Ben Chimes, Realtor at Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group


What Does “Stilhavn” Mean?

“Stilhavn” is a play on a number of words in English and Danish that evoke a sense of west coast lifestyle and sanctuary. In English, it can mean “Still Haven”, while in Danish, it can be loosely translated to “calm waters”.

We wanted an approachable name everyone could get behind that spoke to the beauty of Vancouver and the importance of finding a sanctuary.


Who’s involved in Stilhavn?

Stilhavn’s founding teams include the Zwick Chimes Real Estate, the Ruth and David Group, Team Clarke Real Estate Group and Team Kerr Real Estate. Since launch, Stilhavn has grown to just over 40 agents, though the focus remains in growing in quality, not size.

View Stilhavn’s real estate teams and agents >>


What Real Estate Services Does Stilhavn Offer?

In addition to being leaders in residential real estate, Stilhavn has partnered with established Realtors in project marketing, commercial real estate, and rental management to offer Vancouver a complete, full-service real estate solution.

Below are a few key takeaways on each of our service offerings:

  • Residential Real Estate Services

    • Stilhavn is comprised solely of high-performing real estate veterans whose combination of integrity and work ethic have resulted in repeated success, year after year.
    • To-date, Stilhavn consists of just under 25 agents, who account for a total of 51 active listings.
    • Together, Stilhavn’s agents sold over 600 homes last year, combined.
  • Project Marketing Services

    • Specialize in boutique, Innovative projects that have a story to tell.
    • Informed by deep insights, with a focus on pricing strategy, positioning and market presence.
    • Prioritize quality and experience over project size.
  • Rental Management Services

    • Actively offering rental management services to Vancouver, North Vancouver and Whistler.
    • Services include tenant placement, rental management, and when permitted, short-term rentals.
  • Commercial Real Estate Services

    • Future-focused solutions for creative commercial projects.


What’s Next for Stilhavn Real Estate Services?

In the months ahead, you can expect to see new features added to our new website,, as well as new tools and resources to provide a better buying, selling and rental experience for its clients and agents alike.

“To remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry, our clients expect intuitive tools, resources, and high quality presentations of our listings – both online and through social media. This technology backbone and a commitment towards leading innovation is woven into the fabric of Stilhavn – both culturally and in terms of our offering.” – Corey Martin, Realtor at Ruth and David Group.

We hope this answers some of your questions surrounding our recent launch. If you have a question we didn’t answer, or are part of the media and would like to speak to our media representative, simply email us at [email protected].

In the meantime, follow our progress on social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.