About Stella

Stella Honjo, a licensed assistant for the Zwick Real Estate Group, brings a fresh perspective to the world of Real Estate. With three years of prior experience as an unlicensed assistant, her journey led her to join Stilhavn in March 2023. While Stella initially studied psychology at Langara College, she discovered her true passion in real estate. Having moved over 20 times across various Vancouver neighbourhoods, she’s cultivated a broad network and deep-rooted relationships. Stella’s enthusiasm for connecting with people is what ignites her love for real estate. Beyond her professional life, Stella enjoys travelling and is also a recording artist. Her family ties to the Balkans, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia fuel her adoration for culture and language. What drives Stella is her strong belief in the importance of personal and professional growth. She values pushing boundaries, constantly learning and embracing change as a means to elevate herself and the people around her.