About Kristi

Having worked with Ben Chimes and Rob Zwick since entering the Real Estate Industry, Kristi has learned about every aspect of buying and selling Real Estate from two of Vancouver’s top agents. Kristi is an expert on East Vancouver, though her experience extends throughout Vancouver into North Van, New West, Burnaby and Squamish. Kristi is well versed and refreshingly honest on the issues impacting home buyers and sellers in each of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and for all kinds of properties. Understanding that the purchase or sale of her client’s biggest asset should not be underestimated, Kristi exemplifies the role of a professional advisor, focusing on the nitty gritty details and opportunities while ensuring the process is organized and clear so her clients can rest easy. She loves chatting about design ideas and upgrade opportunities, so feel free to pick her brain if you’re considering a reno.

In addition to helping families, investors and first-time buyers find their next home, Kristi handles the content for www.WeLoveEastVan.com, keeping prospective buyers and sellers up-to-date on frequently asked questions, favourite buildings, renovation ideas, community news, great listings, market trends and intricate details about Vancouver real estate.

If you’re considering purchasing or selling a home in Vancouver, she’d love to chat.