About Jenny


“You learn a lot about someone by the company they keep.”

Over the years of helping their clients buy and sell North Shore real estate, Jenny Gill and Suzanne Callaghan discovered they share a common work ethic, integrity, community focus and commitment to their clients. They both believe their role is to not just sell their clients’ homes, but to support and advise them every step of the way. With this shared vision in mind, Jenny and Suzanne made the strategic decision to build a dynamic partnership to benefit their clients. Merging their skills, the Jenny and Suzanne collaboration offers twice the value – proving they are better, together.


“We don’t just do real estate; we are here to make your life easier.”

The fire for real estate sparked early for Jenny, who comes from a family of builders and Realtors. Her first job at fifteen was in her uncle’s real estate office, where, even in those early years, Jenny’s skill at putting people at ease, razor-sharp understanding of markets, and passion for home construction proved she was a natural. And today Jenny has the accolades and reputation to back up that early promise. She is consistently recognized as a top realtor on the North Shore, routinely receiving the 100% Club distinction and Medallion Club status. For more than a decade, Jenny has helped hundreds of families benefit from maximizing the value of their homes with her steady guidance and savvy negotiation skills.